Customer Testimonials (Page 2)

I want to sincerely thank you for handling the cleaning of our gallery and contents professionally and in a timely matter allowing us to be back up and running much sooner than I had anticipated. Both my husband and I have expressed this satisfaction many times to those that have asked who handled our cleaning. Than you and have a great day!

- Gallery & Frame Shop

I was very happy with all your work. The house is cleaner than ever. Your wall paper man, Don LeNoble, is a pro. Tomorrow I go to the annual meeting of Rosendale Mutual and will tell them I'm 100% happy with your work! Thanks again!

- R. Zimmer


- W. McCurdy

Very happy with everything! Thank You!

- B. Larson

Thanks Tyler, A job well done! If you need a reference I would be happy to provide one.

- A. Smith

Employees were very professional and went to work quickly and professionally!

- S. Beahm

Excellent job! Thank you to all!

- T. Hoeft

All were great and wanted to do their very best in finishing the work. Carpet cleaning was very good.

- B. Sennholz


- J. Quigley

Jason was prompt, thoughtful, and professional! I was very satisfied with him, his subs, and the whole process.

- J. Coleman

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